Lucio Fulci


Filmography / Projects

NHF – No Human Factor

  • Release Date : 1989
  • Country : Italy
  • Color

After Nero Romano and Blastfighter, another science-fiction project would never see the light of the day for Lucio Fulci. Michele de Angelis, his assistant at the time, explained why to other website : “NHF, No Human Factor should have been another film in the “Lucio Fulci presents” series. Lucio would have directed the film, the shooting was to be in a strange side of Rome walled Laurentino 28. It’s a hideous recent district built in the 60s with big monolithic buildings. The story took place in the future, a kind of Blade Runner with characters that were not human but synthetic. I remember that the project was really attractive. But with all the problems that we’ve had with the production company, Alfa Cinematografica, it would have been impossible to make a good science-fiction movie without a significant budget. Because of NHF, Lucio broke his contract for the series. He had to make 4 or 5 films, but he would shoot only two. I think that then they agreed that Fulci would direct A Cat in the Brain with some scenes from other films of the series to avoid a trial.

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