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Until Death

Evil Comes Back/Until Death

Other Titles : Per Sempre (original title) / Obsession mortelle (French)

  • Release Date : 1983
  • Country : Italy
  • Color

This was a screenply written by Dardano Sacchetti that Lucio Fulci liked very much. The film should have be made in 1983, but quarrel between the two men would lead to their « break-up ». Inevitably, evyone had his own version of the story…
Lucio Fulci: «I told him the story for Evil Comes Back, a sort of sequel to The Postman Always Ring Twice, which he was supposed to write the screenplay for and I would direct the picture. Then I discovered that he had copyrighted the story under his own name. Later I discovered that he had sold it to my friend Martino, and because of our friendship I decided not to sue Sacchetti, but I did break off all relations with him.» (Giallo Pages #2)
According to Dardano Sacchetti, even if Lucio Fulci could have good ideas, he never wrote a single line of a screenplay and the reason why the film was not made is not here: «The producer of Evil Comes Back didn’t have the budget required, and he gave up to do the film. That’s it. Years later, as the screenplay was mine, I sold it to another producer who used it for a b-movie with Lamberto Bava.» (

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