Lucio Fulci


Filmography / Projects

Zombi 3-D

  • Release Date : 1983
  • Color
  • Classification : Horreur

During the summer of 1983, the company Tandem annouced Lucio Fulci was to shoot Zombi 3-D, a project different from his Zombi 3 that would be released five years later: «Zombi 3 has been a trap. This had nothing to do with Zombi 3-D that was in production. This one came from an idea of mine, with Gianfranco Clerici and Vincezo Mannino. I had proposed it to foreign producers: first they were very enthusiastic, the project seemed to be on the right track, then they became perplexed because of the difficulties of the 3D. At the time, another horror film in 3D, Friday the 13th, part 3, was not a success, so the producers threw in the towel.» (L’Occhio del Testimone, p32., Michele Romagnoli)
Zombi 3-D was stopped in the fall 1983: «We had to give up because the cost of the 3D rised the initial budget way too much! We have sent some of our technicians to the USA in oder for them to learn how to shoot in 3D thanks to the best experts. Unfortunately, when they came back, we learned that the budget had to be three times bigger: that’s because when you shoot in 3D, you have to use some tecnology very sharp, particularly for the special effects.» (L’Ecran fantastique 44)

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