Lucio Fulci


Filmography / Projects


  • Release Date : 1982
  • Country : Italy
  • Color
  • Classification : Horror

Around the time of shooting Conquest, Lucio Fulci was announced in June 1982 to be behind the horror film Alibi. These two features were signed with the same producer, Giovanni Di Clemente.  The first film was released in 1983, while the second one never got made. Lucio Fulci would explain why some years later to Luca Palmerini: «The story behind Conquest is a troubled one: I had a contract to make two films with Giovanni Di Clemente, but he was such a terrible producer that, after Conquest, I refused to make the second one. Consequently, he tried to sue me,but I won the lawsuit, because the Constitution says that if you don’t wish to work you’re not obliged to.» (Giallo Pages #2)

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